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So yesterday James Jebbia, Supreme’s founder, announced the sell of a minority stake of his company to U.S. Investment Firm, The Carlyle Group.

This tops off Supreme’s eventful Week 7 where the brand opened its 11th retail location in Brooklyn, NY paired with a Brooklyn exclusive box logo tee and the highly anticipated Stone Island Collaboration.

Let’s dig deeper, this “Carlyle Group” is an investment firm who has invested in a wide range of companies from Healthcare to Technology businesses.

Not only does this seem like an unneeded fit, Jebbia has recently revealed his want to have products more accessible to the public.

With the access to more capital the brand will now be able to have more retail locations as well as more products. This will eventually change Supreme from being an extremely limited fashion giant to a mainstream brand with the increase in stores and products...

Or will it?

The full details have not been disclosed yet, but what do you think?

Will the hype go down? Or does this move make Supreme even more dominant in the

Let me know in the comments below.

Check us out next week for more information.

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