How To Become A Reseller

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Every week new products drop, from Supreme’s weekly drops to the hottest new shoes, but the odds are you won’t even have a chance to cop the item you were going for.

Why is this though?

Well with all the hype for new products paired with the limited supply people make it their job and even their living simply buying and reselling these products, and with profits that can be up to thousands of dollars why wouldn’t you want to do this too.

Here is the simple Guide to being a Reseller:

To be a reseller you need to have money initially; because like all things, it takes money to make money. When I say money I’m not talking about thousands of dollars, but at least a couple hundred. This cash will cover a bot as well as the first product(s) you need in order to start making money.

If you are going to even attempt to buy new items you need a bot; a bot allows you to be able to buy these products within seconds beating everyone else to it, giving you an advantage.  If you’re looking for reliable bots or for more information on exactly what they do and how they work check out as well as

Let's take a step back, before even buying any product to resell you need to do your research. And it’s not as drastic as it sounds you just need to make sure people want the product and that there’s a good resell value for that product.

Good instagram pages that release drop information and resell prices are @dropsbyjay, @cop_o_clock, and @undermarkets just to name a few. Personally when judging a product to resell I just gauge it off of if I like the product or not, but how you do it is up to you.

Lastly don’t forget the size, when purchasing products size does matters and unless you’re buying specifically for someone the safest size to go with is medium if you intend to resell.

The last and final step, the sale. It sounds simple, but this is the hardest step. This step is so hard because now you have to find someone who wants to buy the item you just cashed out on, luckily there're websites and pages to help with that.

So after buying the best thing to do is get a @preme_n_things post on instagram. They’ll post your product to over 40 thousand people who are interested in deals on new products. You could also post through grailed as well, but just know in advance their fees. As long as you do that, watch your money stack up.

Overall being a reseller isn’t that bad just as long as you know what you’re doing. Hopefully this helped y’all make some extra cash.

What do you want to hear about next? Let me know your thoughts or reselling questions.

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